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Thomaston Connecticut Real Estate is a resource for Buying, Selling, Renting, Rehab, Maintenance of your Thomaston property.

Thomaston Connecticut Real Estate
BIOS Building Technologies can maintain your Thomaston Connecticut Real Estate

Sellers Trust Of Litchfield County specializes in Thomaston Connecticut Real Estate and is located at 147 Elm Street in Thomaston, CT.

 Home Improvement services are currently available through BIOS Building Technologies.  We are creating a one stop shop for Thomaston Connecticut Real Estate owners and renters.

Thomaston Connecticut Real Estate First Time Buyer’s Guide

Buying your first home is a big deal.  At Thomaston Connecticut Real Estate we know how stressful and overwhelming all the information there is involved with purchasing a home, so we are here to break down some of the key points to give you a better idea as to what you should focus on.  Once you have a foundation of knowledge in-place, then you can start focusing on the details and eventually find that dream home that you’ve always wanted.  Let’s get started!

Stay Focused

You want to have a good idea of what size and type of home you are looking to get for you and your family.  You have a few alternatives when acquiring a private property: a two-three bedroom family home, a townhouse, an apartment suite, or a multi-family dwelling with two to four units.  Every alternative has its upsides and downsides, contingent upon your own objectives, so you have to choose which kind of property will help you get as close to your ideal situation as possible.

You can likewise save money on the price tag in any classification by picking a home with some cosmetic repairs needed, despite the fact that the measure of time, sweat value and cash required to transform a house that is rough around the edges into your fantasy home may be substantially more than you anticipated.

Discover the amount you’ll end up paying in closing fees. The forthright cost of closing on your home shouldn’t be neglected. These fees incorporate expenses charged by the loan specialist, title, and settling charges, charges and prepaid instances, like insurance or HOA fees should be anticipated.

Hiring Real Estate Agents

Navigating the housing market by yourself for the first time isn’t any small matter, the time it takes to learn how to effectively search, decipher, and research homes is often long and grueling without proper training.  If you value your time as much as your money, you should hire a professional who can filter out all the homes that are not within your price range or your personal needs. 

You absolutely must have a real estate agent who is capable of handling all the necessary paperwork and mortgage terms to make sure you’re getting exactly what you have agreed to.  Without a professional by your side, you are always at-risk for either malicious or incompetent behavior, which could leave you in a mountain of trouble if a mistake is made at the finalization of contracts.

Know your Limits

A real estate agent cannot force you to make smart buying decisions, they can only advise you on what would be the best choices in your budget.  You should make an effort to avoid taking out bad mortgages just because you have less-than ideal credit.  If your first home purchase is not for a couple more years, use this opportunity to build up your credit rating and possibly save money by the time you’re ready to buy your home.  Also, be aware that you could qualify for Federal Housing Administration Loan programs that allows you to get loans with the lowest down-payments on the market. helps you buy, sell and maintain Thomaston Connecticut real estate.

We provide information on painting, drywall repair, carpentry, cleaning, decorating, home staging and much more.
Whether you own or are interested in condos, bank owned homes, short sales, townhomes, duplexes, land and luxury listings.
If you’re looking to rent in Thomaston CT, check out our extensive list of luxury apartments and townhomes.
We make it easy to find your dream home by providing several real estate search engines, such as,,,, Zillow, Trulia and we will continue to add and update our information.

APPRAISAL: Order an Appraisal for your Thomaston Real Estate. Ron Diorio was a major league pitcher for the Yankees and the Phillies and has been providing professional appraisals for over  35 years.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: Realty Trust Commercial Real Estate is Opening this fall at 147 Elm Street in Thomaston, CT.  The website is already populated with thousands of Connecticut commercial listings.

CARPENTRY:  BIOS Building Technologies provides carpentry services in Thomaston CT.

DECORATING & HOME STAGING:   Your Thomaston Property

DRIVEWAY SEALING: Maintain your Thomaston Connecticut Real Estate

DRY WALL REPAIR:   Keep Your Thomaston  Connecticut Real Estate looking its best.

LEAD SAFE RENOVATIONS:  Does your Thomaston Connecticut Real Estate have lead based paint? We Bios Building Technologies is lead safe certified.

PAINTING: Your Thomaston Connecticut Home, Office, Commercial, Industrial or Municipal Building

POWER WASHING:  Get your Thomaston Property looking its best, Siding, driveways, walkways, out buildings, roofs, gutters

SOLAR: Get Solar for Your Thomaston CT Property

TINY HOUSES:  Build a Tiny House on Your Thomaston land

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