Sell Your Thomaston Connecticut Real Estate

Why Sell With Us?

Connecticut Real Estate of Thomaston is a brand new brokerage in Connecticut.  We will do more to prove ourselves.

Our broker, Steve Schappert has 16 years experience as an exclusive buyers Broker and 35 years experience as a builder & renovation contractor and marketing expert.  Notably, the only builder in Connecticut to build and ship an entire home to Germany. If you want to sell, you need to know what buyers want.  Schappert is an expert at the psychology of the sale.

Schappert is quite possibly the most interviewed Broker in the state of Connecticut.  The media has relied on Schappert’s expertise for nearly 30 years.  Interviews include, NBC, ABC, CNN, Woman’s Day Magazine, The New York Times, Real Estate Investment For Dummies, Kiplinger’s Financial, The Litchfield County Times, Passport Magazine, Professional Painting Contractor, The Waterbury Republican, The News Times, Voices, The Newtown Bee, Bristol Press, Change Makers Radio in Hollywod, Comcast, Cablevision, Inhabitat and many more… Schappert knows marketing and publicity.

The launch of Connecticut Real Estate will generate alot of publicity around the state and your home could be featured!  Call Now 860-740-2811