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Thomaston Connecticut Land For Sale – A Great Investment In A Beautiful Town

Thomaston is a little town, but it has many things to offer to its visitors. Since it’s full of history, you can take advantage of the peaceful and relaxed town to go for a walk.

Right on the Main Street, you’ll be able to see the Seth-Thomas-Bradstreet House. Dated from 1838, this historical and well-preserved building is linked to one of the most important families in Connecticut.

Seth Thomas, an international famous clockmaker, bought this house in 1838. Just 2 years later, he sold it to his daughter who was married to the son of the famous poet Anne Bradstreet, and the Governor Simon Bradstreet of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Since then, generation after generation has been living in the house up until 2004, when the last descendant of Seth Thomas died. In November 2005, the property was bought by the Town of Thomaston.

Located on the Main Street as well, you will also be able to visit the Thomaston Historical Society Museum. You can take a look at clothing, farm tools, antique clocks, and home furnishings. Since Seth Thomas was such an important and famous clockmaker, you can also see at the museum his portrait, a nightstand, and even a Lena Morton’s painting of his house. Some of his business and education memories are also on exhibit.

Going through Thomaston Connecticut Land, you can also visit the Thomaston Dam. Although it’s not only in Thomaston – it’s also divided by Plymouth, Litchfield, and Harwinton towns, the Thomaston Dam allows to control the floods. It was completed in 1960 and you can enjoy the area to practice numerous sports like hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, upland game hunting, or simply to enjoy a great view.

Thomaston Opera House also deserves a visit. Built in 1884, it’s a cultural and recreation center not only for Thomaston residents as well as to the surrounding communities. Despite the Opera House continues to have productions every year, they are trying to gather money to improve the technical capabilities as well as to maintain this historic house.

One of the things that attract many people to visit Thomaston Connecticut Land is the Railroad Museum of New England. They already have a huge collection of historical railroad equipment that is representative of New England. However, they are always trying to add new equipment to the Museum. At this moment, you can see diesel and steam locomotives, freight cars, cabooses, passenger cars, among many others.

As you can see, you’ll not get bored in Thomaston. With so much to see and a welcoming community, you’ll love it.